The Influence Of Hinduism On Modern Day India

Rubina Ratnakar

Unlike with most modern nations, India has not lost a sense of who she is as can be evidenced by the subtle and not-so-subtle traces of Hinduism in almost all facets of life. Whether just in the dress code or in the ethics of the people, Hinduism has played a vital role in shaping modern day India to what can be seen today, says Rubina Ratnakar.

Religious tolerance and diversity

The high levels of religious tolerance and diversity can be attributed to Hinduism as both a culture and religion. Hinduism is a diverse religion in itself, and a culture that promotes difference, which has no doubt influenced the view that the people of India take on other religions or lack thereof says Rubina Ratnakar.

The class system

This, unfortunately, is a negative influence of Hinduism on the modern day Indian. The caste system, as it is more commonly known, is a segregative system that has been a thorn in India’s side for as long as anyone can remember. Though ample measures are being taken to reduce the impact that the class system has on development and distribution of resources, the problem is too deeply rooted to effect any immediate and visible change.

A society with a cultural heritage

Modernization has been associated with the loss of culture and identity. For India however, many of the people still have a deep cultural heritage to look to. Is this of any import? Personally, I feel that if you lose your core identity, then you lose all sense of purpose. That is why I view the fact that Indians still retain a great deal of cultural heritage as something of critical importance. Especially, in this day and age when it so easy to lose yourself in the marvels of technology and in particular the internet. The fact that the society has a deep-seated cultural heritage can be attributed solely to Hinduism.


It is easy for people to lose their ethical code, especially if they believe in nothing. Fortunately for India, the majority of people are Hindu, which is a great influence in what they believe in. Most of the beliefs of Hinduism have an ethical aspect to them. It is these ethics that act as moral guidance for the people so that we can all live harmoniously, respectfully and peacefully with each other.


Some of the influences of Hinduism on the modern day India are positive while others are negative. That, however, does not change the fact that Hinduism has played a vital role in shaping and producing modern day India. At the end of the day, it is up to the people to pick up the positive attributes and drop the negative ones.


Rubina Ratnakar

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