Medical Tourism In India And What Makes It Ideal

Rubina Ratnakar

Medical tourism is a fast growing industry in India, drawing billions of dollars in revenue. Statistics show that India is among the leading destinations to go for medical treatment, especially for chronic illnesses, in the world says Rubina Ratnakar. But what makes India so ideal?

Ease of travel

The Indian government has ensured that there are few restrictions on foreign travel into the country for medical treatment. This enables patients to get quick visas when necessary for travel to India for treatment. Unlike other nations with heavy restrictions and high wait times before getting visas, the ease of travel into India makes it one of the best destinations for medical tourism.

High-quality medical facilities

The top-notch medical facilities and high quality of medicine in India are also a contributory factor to the growing medical tourism industry. India’s brilliant and expert knowledge of medicine as well as its use of modern technology has seen it become one of the most sought after medical destinations in the world. India is one of the best destinations to seek treatment for chronic and terminal illnesses such as cancer. Its high-quality medical facilities are at par with, if they haven’t surpassed, those of first world nations.


Even with the high quality of treatment, India’s medical industry is one of the most affordable in the world. The affordable cost of treatment has seen it go on to become one of the leading destinations for medical tourism.

Quality care

Aside from the high quality and modern treatment, the quality of care for patients in India is one of the best in the world. Everything from the accommodation of patients to the transport arrangements and so on is impressive. The patients and those accompanying them receive the best care possible, which is very supportive and a factor that makes people more drawn to India as a medical tourism destination.

English speaking

The majority of Indians understand and communicate using English. That makes it easier for the patients and those accompanying them to move around the country, where necessary. More so, even when the patients and those accompanying them can only speak at a basic level, there is still great understanding between the people.

Worldwide recognition and subsidies

A number of organizations, especially those offering medical aid, recognize India as one of the best destinations for medical treatment in the world. That means that they offer subsidies on the cost of travel and treatment for most of their patients to visit India for treatment.


India’s emphasis on offering affordable quality medical treatment, the hospitable nature of the local people and making itself a well recognized medical destination are what have made it a world renown and ideal destination for medical tourism.

Rubina Ratnakar

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