India’s Bigotry Against Minority Groups

Rubina Ratnakar

Though India has one of the most tolerant people in the world, there are still serious cases of bigotry that end up undermining the overall image of India to the world says Rubina Ratnakar. Generally, this bigotry is directed at minority groups whose views are overshadowed and voices muffled in their bid to get more equality.

Bigotry against atheist and religious minorities

The religious tolerance in India is perhaps one of the highest in the world when it is considered on a large scale. However, when you look at it in smaller scales, a pattern of hatred emerges that reveals the problems faced by religious and atheist minorities. From social media accounts, the atheist society in India faces the greatest problem with rejection and hatred. Religion, particularly Hinduism, is a huge epicenter of the Indian community, which defines the culture, influences the politics and way of life of the people. However, this same religion and the lack of awareness influences bigotry and subsequent violence, most especially, against the atheists who do not subscribe to any religion. That said, there is also a certain amount of intolerance toward other minority religious groups including minority denominations in Hinduism.

Bigotry against women

In the recent past, there was shock around the world as a growing rape and violence culture was propagated against women in India. The amount of hatred, slander, violence and disregard was truly appalling and shocking and went on to damage a huge part of India’s positive image. Though various theories and philosophies tried to explain the why, they all pointed to the same thing; bigotry. Although through various awareness campaigns, changes in policies and strict law enforcement, the outlook on women has changed, it is still not as great as it should be for a country such as India with her positive economic growth rate.

Bigotry against the LGBT community

India is a country that boasts a great sense of tradition. That is why it is not so shocking that the LGBT community in India faces such harsh rejection, hatred, and conflict. The LGBT community is one of the greatest targets for bigotry around the world and India is no different. Things such as from repercussions, religious persecution and even rejection by the family are what the Indian LGBT community has to deal with.

Bigotry against ethnic and political minorities

Though there is significant progress that has been made in ensuring ethnic and political equality, there are still instances of intolerance, especially propagated by the class system.


To experience growth and promote a truly metropolitan society that is respectful of everyone’s contribution to the growth of the country, India has to stop discriminating against people based on their sexuality, religion or lack thereof, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, class and other descriptive factional statements.

Rubina Ratnakar

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